Traveling Tips: The Essentials of Packing


This is always a huge dilemma no matter where you go. It could be for a quick weekend trip for your brother’s wedding or a three-month excursion deep in the South East Asia. Regardless of where you are planning your trip, you cannot possibly bring everything with you from your home. Even if you do take more than one luggage bags, do you really want to spend a majority of your day lugging that around? Didn’t think so.

It is easy to get caught up in what you want to bring for your trip. In fact not many of us realized we have over packed until we try to zip up the bag. In these cases, we are lost in our stream of consciousness imagining every situation in which you are going to need that sweater or that suit. As great as it is to visualize where you are going to be, you also want to be realistic. To avoid over packing begin simply by creating a list.

In your list, you want to include any necessities that you will use on your trip. This includes clothes, shoes, toiletries, guidebooks/reading materials, electronic devices and chargers. Certain forgotten times many people carelessly overlook include your toothbrush, razors, and deodorant. Forgetting these items, especially while traveling, can begin to add up.

When planning your outfits, think about your daily schedule, the standard weather, and any extreme weather situations. Start off simply by packing any leisure sleeping wear. If you know you are attending night events, make sure you pack any casual or professional items that best fit those situations. To prepare for any extreme weather, try and bring versatile items such as a light jacket or cardigan that can fit neatly in your back. Last but not least back various socks, shoes, and underwear for the intended amount of days for your stay. Don’t forget to bring an empty plastic bag for your dirty clothes. This will allow you to stay organized while also separating the clean from the dirty.

After you are done packing your clothes, pack a travel-size container for all of your toiletries regardless of the length of your trip. This includes your toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. In regards to liquids, make sure they are the appropriate amount to take for your travels. Certain airport restrictions could compromise your bag, delaying you without your necessities for a few hours or a few days. In addition, make sure your toiletries are in a secure bag. There is nothing worse than opening up a bag with all of your clothes ruined because you did not properly secure those liquid items. If you happen to forget any item, try visiting a local continent store.

The last things you want to pack are your essentials. Money, credit cards, identification, passports all need to be secured in a safe spot. Usually people pack these in separate bags. In addition, if you are planning on bringing any technological items on the trip such as your laptop or phone, make sure you bring your chargers and the appropriate plugins.